OK. This is now just a catch-all spot to post ramblings or whatever else I feel like. As for Killcen, he’ll have to find his own ways to win enemies and influence people…

The following shite kinda started in March of 2019 (not sure the exact date right now)…


Yo, Killcen! I’ve been worried about you lately


You’ve been showing signs of fraying around the edges. I get it. The world has gone crazy, and you want to also. Get over it. You have a job to do. Some of your posts and links actually do help people, so keep up the good work. I have some good ideas for you on how you may be able to reach a wider audience than the 3 of us on 8ch/n/. I can leave you messages in here if you want. We can even share files on PasteDat. I am serious about possibly providing you a platform, but you’re gonna have to tone down your divisive rhetoric a speck!

I am really busy right now working on this project, but will leave you a longer message later. There are many ways we can communicate safely, privately, securely. Let’s agree on one.

If you actually ever get on here and read this message, which I seriously doubt, leave me a message on /n/. Use the word


in reply to one of my postings of this dat archive link address so I know you got the message, then I will leave you further messages until we decide if we can support freedom in the same ways, and if we want to communicate via a more productive channel. You can always drop me a dat archive on 8ch/n/ too! I have been known to frequent there on occasion!

On a more specific note, I know you have hundredes of links and archive links already stored in various formats, but I just wanted to know if you have any experience with Markdown, or if you had put any of that stuff into a format easily dropped into a web-page so the links are all clickable. If not, it’s really not hard to learn, and more people will post your links if you can make it easier for them by using Markdown. Here’s a brief synopsis of the basics, in case you need a refresher. I know I did! This fucking link at https://daringfireball.net, for example, may not be clickable! but you can go there! I’m still learning much in life. There is probably much we can teach each other. Here’s another link at GitHub, a MarkDown Cheat-Sheet, that may or may not work as a clickable link, but you can still go there. Not trying to tell you where to go, you understand!

Anyway, LATER!


Still way busy. Guess I’ll let you know what I’m up to (even though I barely know myself!), although I fully expect you to never trust me at all, but that’s cool. I don’t trust very many people with a lot; and no one, including myself, with everything! But I think I know your heart. I’ve been a regular on chans for many years and have some of the same interests as you, like privacy, security, anonymity, decentralization, freedom, P2P, cryptos and more. I’ve always liked anonymity because it brings out the very best and the very worst in people, and it has certainly done so for me also! It’s very much like being on stage, wearing different costumes and acting in various ways. It’s really quite entertaining. I used to be very much like you – never met a conspiracy theory I didn’t at least give some credence too, always trying to wake up the sheeple – but that never got me anything but noticed – and not by the types who I was seeking to be noticed by! You understand. While I agree with you that it would be wonderful if a Great Awakening among The People occurred in the very near future, I do not think that is likely. Most people would rather blunder blindly along the path chosen for them by their ‘masters’. So, yes, I think the sheeple need to wake up, and that it is our duty to try; yet sticking our necks too far out above the crowd generally only serves to get one’s head chopped off by the powers- that-be (which is why the sheeple are scared to wake up and why those who are not have to be careful in awakening them). While pointing out the Enslavement of the Sheeple, and those most instrumental in perpetuating said slavery is an important task, I feel that in today’s divisive world of fracturing separations we also need to be focused on solutions to problems that can bring about greater freedoms for everybody. Not all is doom and gloom! There are many people working on solutions! Having a balanced approach of pointing out the negative while ofering positive solutions seems to be an approach that is less looked at with suspicion by those who are doing their best to protect their power structures. I mean a positive message that talks about solutions! Who’s gonna listen to that amirite? It’s those who style themselves as warriors of some sort (or at least their online persona does) that get marked down for further investigations. While I agree that Freedom MUST be fought for, I do not think it behooves anyone in this present online environment to say anything that could be misconstrued. I kinda doubt things will get less controlled, if you know what I mean. Very few seem to be willing to fight for even tiny freedoms basic to the common law of all living beings, which really is the only REAL Law there is, "Don’t harm others or fuck with their shit." I guess very few give a flying fuck about privacy or security anymore, but it is to those few with interest in such matters that I can have some possibly valuable insight. Like you, I have a need to express, and I like to think that someone is listening, even if it is only one or two! Having a forum wherein to express is important to me. That’s why I like the chans, and the only thing I ever liked about AA. Yes, I too have spent much more of my life in a drunken haze than was necessary. I don’t do that anymore, nor am I addicted to places like AA; but I have admitted my addiction to 8ch/n/ already. So, to get to the point, I’m around your age, wanted to learn something new, started learning a bunch of coding languages, which led me back to html and css because I wanted an environment to practice coding techniques in, and what better place than my own website, right? Well, I’ve only been sober less than a year, and the last two times I got sober I coded my own websites and ran my own server, etc… But that was years ago! Shit is done differently now! Like you, I block the fuck out of JavaScript on most websites, and only let in the elements I want, but damn! JavaScript and Bootstrapping make websites look so pretty and responsive, and they work on all those damn smartphones and other gadgets everybody has nowadays. Getting a website up and running that works on everybody’s devices, (even iPhones!) is a real pain in the ass! I got caught up in learning the code, and it also taught me many things about discipline, organization, making my own rules, following them and planning ahead – besides all the spiritual lessons. But I had no idea what to do once I had an environment in which to express! I got caught up in the minutia of the format, then complicated it to the point of needing a site map to navigate it, but it is me who has to design both the map and the territory! So, I am busy simplifying my concept and conceptualizations to the point where it will be obvious to any visitor (and myself!) what the hell is going on in there once they get there. Suffice it to say, most will hate it (you probably will too), and it will take a lot of time and work to make it something worthwhile visiting on occasion.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I have plenty. I’m just in a phase where my time is extremely limited. It is, after all, Spring! I’ll direct you toward the site when it makes more sense, but there is already a space laid out for you there, if you want somewhere to post some of your less controversial content. I’m inviting you to possibly become, for this site, what I call a “Presenter”. Of course, while, I am fully into freedom of speech, I don’t want to use racial slurs or terms like ‘goyim’ on there, and I’d like to keep the vulgarity down to a minimum also, so we are taken more seriously. Pointing out the evils of the Slavers is all fine and good, but let’s try to provide some solutions rather than just bitch and whine about how awful things are. Just so we are clear, I want you to be fully aware up front that I consider Religion to be one of the worst offenders against liberty and freedom, and that I have, from experience, more than enough reason not to espouse any of their bullshit anywhere. So, unlesss the spiritual advice is practical and positive, it can go somewhere else. Also, paranoia always goes over like a lead balloon. Fear is fine as long as it does not become the main controlling factor. I’d like to keep things kind of upbeat and fun! A place where both normies and crazy fucks like us can feel comfy for awhile on the regular. Anyway, give it some thought. I gotta get back to work. Fucked up the code in one spot, and I haven’t even started organizing and simplifying the main page yet! I fully expect that we may not be the only ones viewing this archive but, whatever… I have nothing to hide in this regard, and there really isn’t any hiding anymore anyway. Still, that’s no reason not to practice good OPSEC. Like I said, I know nothing about communicating with other humans online really, so if you want us to have a better way to communicate, think of a way you are comfortable with. I’m clueless on the matter. I need to set up an email address for the site and I don’t even know what to go with there! ProtonMail pisses me off, and their 500MB ain’t much space. I am super broke and pretty much won’t do much of anything unless it is free and open-source – got my convictions! So, any ideas would be cool there too. I’m even thinking of starting an 8ch.net board to handle our comment and discussion areas, so Ron can do our moderation for us! Lel! I’ve had boards before, but am out of practice and don’t really want to spend the time. Especially since Ron could nuke us anytime. But not if we draw in Jim and the GoldWater! Give 'em free advertising on our site in return for them giving us free advertising for our REAL News site on thier Fake News site! Classic! We could even get an exclusive interview with Jim maybe! lol Anyway, getting out ahead of myself with my thoughts again! Still though, it would be funnier than hell to have an 8chan board supporting our site and stimulating lively discussion, especially if we had somebody like Johnny Neptune as the Board Owner! That would also be good for him in many ways. I kinda like Johnny. I know you do too. He seems real. He’s a real dick, but at least he is REAL! Speaking of Johnny, I am worried about him. I’ve been spending only a few minutes a day on 8ch, so you would probably know more than me, but last I heard he was having severe leg pains and was heading to the ER. That was a couple days ago. No obituary in the Macon Telegraph yet, or any article besides his Dunkin Donut caper, so I guess that would be a good sign. Anyway, keep some good thoughts for him today.

I gotta go. Let me know you got this message in one of your threads on 8ch/n/ and maybe drop me a dat archive link or something so we can communicate. I mean, if nothing else there’s always throwaway emails, etc…


Back Again! 2019-04-19

Alright, I’m EXTREMELY Busy now! But wanted to take the time to say I have spent very little time on 8ch/n/ lately, and don’t plan on spending inordinate amounts of time there in the future. I will be reaching out to Johnny and several others also, so don’t think you are the only one, but will soon have something worth looking at and we can go from there, or not. In the meantime, I’m going to give you an email address you can reach me at if you feel like it for any reason. Don’t start spamming me! I have ways to filter that shit, but would hope you can contain yourself! Anyway, the address is:


Later… ENJOY!


Just some cool links:


Interesting YouTube Videos:

    (Putting together a list for my Dad)

This is just really cool:

Squirrels Are Awesome


Alrighty then. I said I’d have something to show by the end of July, so here’s ’something’… Now, kindly fuck off. Seriously, I’ve been having a few problems writing an article on Resonance, and how certain vibrations keep one within them until one finally finds a way to break out. Unfortunately, the article is running into the same exact problem that it’s subject matter is actually about; and not only does that really suck, but the fucking article has turned into many, then pretty much chapters in a fucking book! If only I had know I was writing a book in the first place! Then I could have had the choice to just give up before even starting. Alas, now I am driven as fuck to complete something; anything, really!

Yes, I’m all over the map. Been trying to write, deal with my anger and all my own rebellion, even that against my own authority. The maturation process is difficult enough for anybody – kinda wish I hadn’t saved it for my mid-fifties! Watching my teenage daughters grow up allows me to see all the mistakes I made; and them taking advantage of my experience, thereby alleviating some of their own stresses, is just as unlikely as it was that I, as a teenager, would listen to anyone with more experience. But I am trying to pull together a few things. I have, like Killcen, a great need to express myself in some way. Throughout my life I’ve done that through some artistic medium, writing being one of them. There are reasons why my writing has suffered for years – reasons I think Killcen could appreciate, as it was a literal rape by authority figures that kept me from writing for two decades. But I digress. Maybe I’ll get around to that story another time. Nonetheless, for a few months now I have noticed myself falling into some new modes of creativity, learning many new skills, and implementing them in fits, starts, rages, etc… all very common when major shifts in resonance are occurring. One of those things is that, with the help of some friends like Johnny Neptune and That Hen Over There, I would like to start producing humorous, yet informative and thought-provoking videos promoting freedom on Brighteon, where I already got an account for FreedomZine (if they haven’t taken it away yet for inactivity!)


What follows are 2 INTROs I wrote, but could use some help making them into 1 INTRO. I need to get something up on Brighteon fast, and I am not married to any of it, although I have made some clips for parts of them. It can be separated into 2 videos and just have a shorter Intro to Intro or whatever the fuck. I’ve just confused myself by not being organized and just starting over instead of making something work. Still though, there is plenty salvagable in the following two thangs… (I actually haven’t edited them, because I knew better than to even read them right now! Not in the right space for throwing shit away yet, evidently. Grrrrr…)


Why does ‘FreedomZine’ associate itself with the ‘Giraffa Camelopardalis’, meaning ‘fast walking camel leopard’ ?

Just-Kiss-It fade out Tail clips


Middle :

The ‘Giraffa Camelopardalis’, meaning ‘fast walking camel leopard’ voted most likely to stick its neck out.

- tall (access to foliage beyond reach of other browsing animals)
- *"wonder-net"* of capillaries in brain
- **HORNY!** (horns called ossicones)
- yeah, like goats and cows, it's a ruminant (4 stomachs)
  - we digest, then re-digest.
- camouflage (anonymous, but not hiding -- variable, no spots on belly)
- thick skin

Some people who have had the opportunity to listen to their vocalizations assure that they are not very pleasant and it seems that they do not come from those animals so visibly calm.

It has been noted both in the wild and in captivity that the loose social structure of the giraffe allows it to change and to adapt as it needs to.

lack of social structure helps giraffes adapt and survive in the wild


- Sub-Species (The spectacular Reticulated giraffe is known by several other names including "Netted" and "Webbed")


End :




Alright, that was my first attempt at an INTRO…

What follows is my second attempt…

Just a quick Whass-happenin’? from FreedomZine!

No, this ain’t an Intro. It’s an Intro to an Intro!

We’re kinda busy out here in the wilds

learning new skills for adaptation, so have some patience with us! We’re not here to produce content for you to consume.

We’re just here because we have a need to express ourselves with Authenticity and Integrity.

If you get something out of our honest, yet somewhat disturbing ramblings, then that’s a bonus!

We value Freedom above all, and Celebrate FREEDOM OF SPEECH; especially now that there is such a worldwide assault on it.

We value Anonymity, because it tends to bring out the very best and the very worst in people.

It cuts through the charade of pretentiousness, fake moral outrage, and cancerous demoralization that protection-of-‘personas’ brings.

I’m looking at YOU, ‘FakeBook’, ‘Twatter’, ‘Leddit’, et al…

You see, we aren’t setting out to try to piss you off, but we’re gonna do it! Because if you aren’t pissed off there is something fucking wrong with you! Yeah, we’re angry, but we want to practice expressing our anger in ways that are more liable to effect positive change than blowing a bunch of motherfuckers away!

We recognize the division and separation in society, but do not revel in it, or choose to instigate more. We don’t tolerate that shit!

Not even from others who also celebrate Freedom of Speech.

That is why we sometimes orchestrate reality, in conformity with the will, in order to guide more dangerous elements, especially those we recognize within ourselves, to ever more positive and effective action.

There can be little doubt that there is a worldwide assault on every kind of Freedom; and that backlashes are occurring, whether we want them to or not; and that current methods of ever more overt control are actually causing the very societal problems they hope to prevent.

We want to be able to say the things that need to be said but aren’t able to be said because ‘muh feelings’, and other political correctness run amuck.

WORDS CANNOT HURT YOU. So, “FUCK YOU” if you think so!

That is the monkey mind,

ascribing meaning to sounds or images and choosing to have emotional reactions to them.

Don’t lay that shit on me!

Anger is a Gift.

“Those who do not show anger at things that ought to arouse anger are regarded as fools” (Aristotle)

It can be an Impetus for Practicing Creativity, Integrity and Authenticity; furthering the implementation of Positive Change.

So, if we value Anonymity, WHY did FreedomZine choose to pring ‘Personas’ into the picture?

Because normies don’t know how to relate to Anonymity.

Just Who IS ‘Just-Kiss-It’?

What about ‘That Hen Over There’?

And who or what-the-hell is ‘Killcen’?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Well, humans have a tendency to hang meaning on mental constructs, like agency, ego, or persona – and that can be a useful tool when attempting to open dialogue – besides, we wouldn’t want to deprive the ‘SJWs’ of something tangible to direct their hatred against!

We get it. Everyone is for some things and against some others; so let us make this as clear as possible:


We get it. You’re frustrated and angry. We are too.

Just because we are camouflaged does not mean we are hiding. We do not hide behind Anonymity, (like so many nowadays choose to hide behind Conformity to Chosen Ideologies) – Their own particular poison…

Victimhood Status, Anyone?

How fucking weak! What a childish front they present to the world.

Hatred, Division and Separation are Childish and Immature.

We all act in childish and immature ways sometimes, but we do have the choice to progress and mature – both as individuals, and as a society.

Will we make that choice? Let’s find out together…

YUP! I need some fucking help! I’m obviously disturbed, but that goes without saying…